Regular Service times are as follows

We are now in the Orange Traffic Light system.

Wearing of masks is expected.  (Masking is a critical aspect of keeping others safe and thus our obligation to one another is to mask well, nose and mouth covered.)

Please refer to our Church@Home service for this Sunday's service, if you are unable to attend.

St Silas Church
237 Main North Road, Redwood

1st Sunday - Combined Service 9.30am
2nd to 5th Sundays - 10.30am
St David's Church 
831 Main North Road, Belfast

2nd to 5th Sundays - 9.00am
Wednesdays 10.00am
St David's-Exterior1.jpg

St John's Monthly Worship Service

1st Friday of the month 10.00am
at the Main Hall, Bishopdale Community Library

Our parish covers a wide area - from Harewood Road, Bishopdale - through Northcote, Redwood, and north to Belfast. We have two churches in the parish, plus we hold a small service at one of the Bishopdale library rooms on the 1st Friday of the month. Please contact the Office or email for further information.