St Silas Church

237 Main North Road, Redwood

Church holds maximum 140

  • Data projector fixed to ceiling with viewing screen (can be retracted)

  • Sound system (6 wired microphones, 2 remote microphones, 1 wireless microphone)

  • Chairs can be set up in a variety of formations

Hall holds 8-10 round tables - suitable for meetings, functions, badminton, basketball

  • Wooden floor - windows at higher level

  • Smaller meeting room that would be suitable for meetings of up to 20 people.

  • Kitchen (not commercial)

  • well equipped with table place setting for 80, a zip for hot water, fridge, steriliser, pie warmer, oven and microwave. 

  • wheelchair accessible


Cost $100 bond for functions and an hourly or daily rate hire charge. Special rate for Non-Profit organisations.

St David's Church

831 Main North Road, Belfast

  • church holds max 80 people

  • has central aisle with seats either side

  • small lounge - very sunny and warm with a capacity for 15 people

  • foyer - adjoins lounge with french doors - capacity 10 people

  • kitchen with oven, zip, cups etc and fridge

  • wheelchair accessible

Cost $50 Bond - hourly or day rate available.


PLEASE NOTE - St David's will be closed for restoration from 1 January 2020 till end of February, pending all work being completed. Please contact office for update. 

For all enquiries please ring Parish Office 352-1366 or email