Thank You

Built as a memorial to the pioneer settlers of Belfast, we are wanting to retain the cultural, spiritual and architectural significance of this building and preserve it for future generations.  Now that we have completed the restoration of St David’s we give grateful thanks to the Lotteries Commission Heritage Fund, The Christchurch City Council for a Heritage Grant, Philip Brown Trust and to individuals who have made generous donations for this project. We are delighted with the outcome and want to thank all involved in the work done.


John Perry - Electrician,

Jason Ward - Painter,

Andy Douglas - Builder,

Andrew Burnett - Builder,

Lisa Hurley - Interior Design and concepts,

Steve – Lighthouse Lighting

To the team that managed the project - Anne McMaster, Barbara and John Clark, Dorothy Bradley, Gary Golding and (input early on from Ian Bisman). Thank you too to the many parish helpers who shifted pews, replanted gardens, and to the congregations of St David’s that have met at St Silas while the work was done.

​We want to open our doors to you as our community, to come and visit St David’s and join in any of our services and activities or book a special occasion. Our next project is to modernise the lounge and kitchen area at the rear of the church for meeting space and hospitality.


We look forward to welcoming you at St David’s in the near future.

Donations for modernisation of the Kitchen/Lounge and Foyer areas or ongoing support of St David's may be made by Direct Credit to


Northwest ChCh Parish account: 12-3149-0348631-01


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