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St David's Community Today

St David’s is a regular place of worship in the Anglican tradition and offers an intimate space for those who gather each week to worship together- it’s a bit like family. Three out of four Sundays a month 15-25 people come at 9am to sing God’s praises, to listen to God’s word, to pray and share in communion and to encourage each other in our Christian journey as we share what God is doing in our lives and communities. It’s a place to belong and to grow in our following of Jesus Christ. 


We do the same on Wednesdays beginning  in the lounge with a cuppa and a good old chat about everything going on in our world and lives. We pray for each other and those not able to be with us and share God’s faithful answers to prayer.  Again it is a place to belong and find friendship and support for the journey of life which throws all kinds of challenges our way. Others meet during the week to pray for the church and the community, for those unwell and in need of God’s touch in their lives. 

Once a month the men of the parish gather in the lounge to share their stories and enjoy a time of friendship and food. There is a wealth of experience and many kinds of talents and skills shared around the room as they share and listen. A place to grow friendship and faith.  Other groups find it a good place to meet too.  A Craft group meets each week to embroider and chat and welcome people from the community to join them.


There is something about the atmosphere of this little church that helps people on their journey through life.


St David’s is a special place for smaller weddings accommodating around 80 guests – its traditional and intimate setting, and the knowledge that people have gathered there for worship and special occasions for over 100 years adds to the tranquil atmosphere. As Vicar I am happy to talk to you about your wedding. In a church, a minister of religion takes the wedding. Another minister can also take your wedding at St David’s,  and we can talk about this aspect as well.


We also farewell loved ones from St David’s as we gather for funerals and memorial services. A place to reflect on lives well lived, for those who have worshipped at
St David’s, or had a family connection, or lived in Belfast all their lives or just family who want to gather in this lovely church. Each year we take time near Christmas to remember our loved ones in a special service of reflection bringing floral tributes and lighting candles in remembrance.


Now that we have refurbished St David’s we pray it will continue to serve the Belfast community for many years to come providing a place to belong, a place to find God and healing peace, a place of welcome, friendship and growth, and bring new opportunities for us to open up this beautiful church to the community.


Every blessing

Joanne Latham


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